5th July 2022

QAGTC 2022 Children's Challenge Workshops for the Gifted


Join us for QAGTC 2022 Children’s Challenge Workshops

QAGTC 2022 Children’s Challenge Workshops

Workshops – Tuesday 5th July 2022

Choose workshop option for year level.

Need to download and complete the Consent and Medical Form and email to office@qagtc.org.au to finalise registration.


Registration from 8.30 – 9.10

Workshop duration is from 9.30 – 11.30 (11.30-12.15 supervised lunch break – Children bring own lunch) 12.15 – 2.15pm

Pick up time 2.30pm

8:30 – 9:10

Registration and Sign-in

Parents to sign in student for workshop outside Library – entrance from Chester Road.

Parents are invited to attend a parent information session offered by the QAGTC President on the day.

After registration, outside the Library, student/s to go to assembly area and if parents are staying for the Information Session please proceed to verandah area behind the library, on the deck overlooking the oval; have a coffee and wait for session commencement at 9.30 am.

For teacher and student safety, parents are asked not to go to assembly area, or into workshop classrooms please. Drop off and pick up is from the registration area outside the library.

9:10 – 9:20

Welcome and Introduction

Assembly of students on concrete area up the steps from library.

Welcome and Introduction to Workshop Leaders and Program.

P-3 Workshops

9:30 – 11:30

Room: F1.1 (Fitzroy Block – Bottom Floor)

Val Bartholomew

Masks to Masterpieces

Drawing and creating come naturally to young children. Join this class if you want your child to be extended by exploring methods for solving problems creatively while having fun. They will learn basic art skills such as shape, structure and shadows while feeding their imagination to help unleash their inner artist!

Your child will be challenged to develop their creativity and observational skills while enhancing their natural abilities by trying new tasks. Drawing has numerous developmental benefits eg develops fine motor skills, encourages visual analysis, helps with concentration, increases confidence, is a means of emotional processing and teaches creative problem solving.


  • Chunky crayons / washable markers
  • 2 pencils (2B)
  • Black fineline marker
  • Pencil sharpener and receptacle for shavings
  • A4 paper; loose sheets; standard white bond
  • Child-safe scissors
  • Water-based glue / gluestick

Room: R1.1 (Romauld Block – Bottom floor)

Mary Rafter

Mutzi’s Missing! 

My pet, Mutzi is missing. There was a note in my letterbox. It said, “Got your dog. Find him, Bring chocolate to the park, or else”. Help me find Mutzi please. You will need your science skills to follow the clues and find out who took him and where we can find him.


1 Freddo Frog (in wrapper)

Bring your pencil case and notepad.

4-6 Workshops

9:30 – 11:30

Room: TW1.3 (Science Block)

Ryan Foster

Designing an earthquake resistant building

The Earth is constantly moving! Sometimes this movement can have catastrophic consequences. Societies who live in earthquake areas need to find ways to co-exist with Earth movement. This activity involves the investigation of the effects of earthquakes of buildings and the subsequent factors involved in the design of earthquake resistant structures. Students are to research, design, build a model structure incorporating these design factors, and test the structure under the simulated effects of an earthquake.


Bring a Computer, pens/pencils, scissors, calculator

Room: R2.1 (Romauld Block – Upper Floor)

Phoebe Atkinson

YouTube Gaming Channel

Want to learn what it takes to produce your own YouTube Gaming channel? Our advanced YouTube Gaming workshop gives you the opportunity to learn about filming, green screen, editing and channel branding to make your channel stand out. We will focus on giving students transferable tools and skills they need to produce high quality video content.


This is a BYOD program; it is preferred students bring an iPad or iPhone. Students can bring own camera and audio equipment but will require a supported laptop for editing. Adobe Suite is recommended.  A list of free apps will be supplied prior to the day so that participant can have these loaded onto their devices in preparation for the day.

11:30 – 12:15


Supervised lunch break

Workshop resumes from 12.15 to 2.15

12:15 – 2:15

Resumption of Workshops

Children return to workshop location and wait outside for teacher to allow entry to room.

Students not to enter room without teacher present.

Workshops continue for the afternoon session.




Parents collect students from the assembly area where the day started.

Do not go to classrooms.

Get In Touch

email to office@qagtc.org.au

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